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Need to discuss a garage conversion - making it into a bedroom.

Tricia R

Hello. I am trying to find out how much it would cost to convert my 3rd bedroom into a single car (attached) garage. It was once a garage but was converted into a third bedroom so it is built to be a garage in the first place. I think all it would be is ripping down the front and putting in the track and door. Please email me with cost and time estimates.

Shannon H

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Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.20 What are the best home remodeling projects to increase value?


A. Kitcken and baths are the best remodeling projects that will most likely bring an increase in value to your home. Other projects that bring extra value (but not as quick of an increase as kitchens and baths) are additions, landscaping, new roofing, and enlarging rooms. Not all remodel projects will bring an increase in value dollar for dollar and if you are doing the remodeling to increase the value if you are moving soon, build to what most people like, not what you like. Update anything that can no longer be cleaned to perfection (countertops, faucets, sinks, etc). If you are remodeling your home and plan to live there for awhile, build what you want for you and tailor the remodel to your wishes, not just potential value. Good luck.

1.20 How to sell to Senior Citizens or Handicapped People? Marketing Strategy?

Q. Remodeling contractor who specializes in bathroom renovations to help elderly or handicapped people to bathe and use bathroom with safety and comfort. Walk-in bathtubs, custom showers, grab bars, toilet risers, door widening , installation of non slip flooring etc. I need ideas of how to showcase my products and services to the people who may need them. New company, no marketing budget, Just need to find a way to make contact with people who may be in need of such products.

A. Go to where the population you are marketing to hangs out - senior centers, nursing homes, etc. Put up some flyers advertising free assessment and estimates. You can talk to staf of nursing homes about your products - they may mention it to their short term residents (Offer a 5 or 10% discount for them). Also, go to wealthy neighborhoods and put up some flyers there too. Don't neglect people in their 40's and 50's - they have parents. Emphasize self respect and independent living - buzz words for seniors. Remember, hen dealing with seniors and the handicapped, you will also be dealing with their caretakers (it will be a joint decision - which sometimes makes it harder on you). Nice business plan though. Hope it works out. Best of luck.

1.20 How do I locate a local contractor?

Q. I'm interested in doing a few small projects in my condo (refacing cabinets, new flooring, new countertops), but I'm having trouble finding a contractor. Places like Lowes and Home Depot seem to be geared towards big home remodeling projects. My real estate agent was a nightmare, so I wouldn't trust anyone she suggested. And my boyfriend and dad are very capable, but it would take forever, it would be completely inconvenient for them, and I want to do this on my own since it's my place. Any suggestions? Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the yellow pages and online, but there are so many that I was overwhelmed. I'll try again - because I didn't consider that someone might give me a referral.

A. Well, there are two ways you could do this. You could look in the phone book and call aorund, get estimates on the stuff you want done. Second, you could drive around town and see what contractors are doing work that meets your standard. Just pull over and ask them some questions. That is how we got a few jobs when I still worked in construction. Also, if they are too busy to take on your job, or it's not something they do, they will likely know who you should contact. Also, you could look in the phone book or search in the yellow pages online in your area for the specific type of worker for your project (ie: flooring, cabinets, etc.) Hope that helps. ((Note: If you have a local lumber store, you could go there. There are usually business cards all over the place.))

1.20 Is it ever possible to get back money from inspections and/or appraisals as well as earnest money?

Q. We tried to purchase a home that had a radon mitigation system installed. The home was owned by GMAC relocation and the prior owners had the system installed during the transfer process. We had inspections done and many things came up. The radon levels were higher than acceptable. The front porch would need rebuilt so water would not eventually flow from that area down basement wall. There were other items, such as improper construction in great room walls, false statements on the original owner's disclosure to GMAC and more. The system was serviced by installation company by replacing the fan with a stronger, larger one, resulting an a test that came back higher than the first. They then installed another draw line going from the original one (that pulls from under the slab). This line pulled from one of the side walls. The latest test came back higher yet at over 9. (4 is acceptable) Any remodeling or work around the foundation will void the warranty on the system so we would be unable to repair the porch without ruining the warranty even if the levels were able to be brought down. Research has yeilded information that the first thing they should have done was to check the floor and walls of the basement for any cracks/leaks and sealed them. The basement has carpet and pad and the walls are drywalled. They didn't remove these, only tried to "quick fix" things by installing more pipes and fans. We have requested our earnest money back which I believe we will get, but due to the extent of the radon issue and other falsifacations to documents that should have already been caught by the listing agent at the very least, we believe we should be refunded all our monies.

A. Assuming that you put a home inspection as a condition of your offer you will get back all the money tied up in the sale of the house and will legally be free from the contract. You will NOT recieve the money you paid the home inspector back. When you hire a home inspector you are investing money in to the house, if you choose not to buy it afterwards you are still on the line for the money to pay for the service. Consider yourself lucky, you spent maybe $500 to save yourself a ton of cash in the long run.

1.20 What Fasteners Should I Use To Install Birch 5-ply Underlayment?

Q. I am remodeling my bathroom and decided to go with Loose Lay Sheet Vinyl Flooring, I have 3/4" subfloor and am going to install 1/4" 5-ply Birch Underlayment on top of this, however, I need a way to fasten this to the subfloor, I have seen Chisel Staples, Ring-Shank Nails, and Underlayment Screws. My problem is deciding which to use, but also, I have been told that you do not want to have the fastener break through the subfloor, meaning I need a fastener < 1" long. Assuming 3/4" is what I need, I cannot for the life of me find 3/4" nails or screws, but I would rather use these then staples. Is there any way I can get 3/4" nails or screws for underlayment installation?

A. Underlayment is normally installed with staples. They are normally 1/4 inch wide and 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches long. Directions call for a staple every six inches on the entire underlayment. These staples will shoot into the top layer of the underlayment. Once fastened, floor leveler is used to fill the dents and joints of the underlayment. This is then sanded lightly to remove excess floor leveler, and make the surface smooth and ready to install the vinyl. Screws or nails will work, but the finished product will look much better if staples are used according to the directions for the underlayment.

1.20 Air duct cleaning furnace safety, efficiency?

Q. What is the relationship of clean air ducts to furnace safety and furnace efficiency?

A. Save your $$$$,,,will not increase efficiency unless 1/2 full , in my 38 years as an hvac tech i have NEVER seen a safety issue with dirty ducts,,i would clean them if i moved into a house that had alot of pets or there was alot of remodeling

1.20 Basement remodeling, I need to know how to seal up limestone walls and ideas for the basement?

Q. I recently bought a house built in the mid 1800s, in the basement it is all limestone: the walls, ceiling and stairs. I really want to keep the old look in the basement but I also live in Kansas and we have a lot of tornados so it needs to be safe. I just need to know how to seal it up and make it as strong as possible. Also the floors are dirt I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the floors to go with the old look.

A. If the limestone is smooth and doesn't need any refinishing (or if you like it the way it is) you can just apply stone sealer (they have various tints, so you can choose). Old, sun-bleached barn wood always looks great on basement walls, if you want to cover the limestone. If the ceiling is high enough, you could add some character to that by putting in rafters (with the necessary support frame placed in the corners. As for the flooring, anything you put down would have to have some type of sub-flooring underneath to keep out moisture and dampness. Although it would be quite a job to accomplish, concrete would be best. Once you have that done, you could use concrete stain (there are beautiful choices for refinishing concrete these days) and then just use area rugs to accent the floor.

1.20 How much would basement remodeling cost?

Q. Ok so I have concrete walls in my basement I want that took out, and get new walls. I want the windows done, and new flooring and ceiling, has anyone ever has this done? I want to know about how much all this would take to do it? Also forgot to say it's only two rooms, I want to make one into a bedroom and the other into a living room, fairly medium sized areas for both!!! (:


Bathroom Contractors

 Remodeling Whether you're looking for a bathroom contractor for a small bathroom remodeling project, or a Phoenix, Arizona area remodel company to take over your basement finishing, you will end up dropping your hard earned cash on the project. So, it only makes sense to find the most qualified person for the job. A shoddy remodeling will not only ruin the flow and usability of your home, but these factors will also affect your asking price in the housing market. We offer Phoenix residents an easy to use home improvement company search system that allows you to find remodel contractors who are capable of handling your project.

 home remodeling contractor in Phoenix, Arizona We've heard horror stories of barely qualified green-behind-the-years people posing as general contractors. May be you've come across one or two of these yourself. Unfortunately, because home improvement is a billion dollar business in the US with huge demand for contractors, it's easy to end up with a general contractor who's short on time and high on arrogance, careless, rude or just simply unqualified to handle the job. A remodel project that continues beyond schedule will likely go over budget, losing you a lot of money. Once you end up with the home improvement contractor from hell, you'll find it harder to change contractor midway because a new person might not necessarily be interested in completing a half finished task. This is why taking care to choose the right Phoenix, Arizona area residential general contractor is so important.

Our licensed contractor search system has been specifically designed to make your job of finding a general contractor easy and convenient. We've taken care of sourcing the best names in the business, before adding them to our general contractor network. Simply, give us your project details in the form on this page, and up to 4 of the most respected home improvement contractors in Phoenix will contact you with free estimates for your project. Now, you don't have to go looking for residential contractors - they come right to you! Compare price quotes, ask questions, determine skill and experience levels, and only then make a final selection. This service is absolutely free to you!